What is Anxiety?

Anxiety in its weakest form can best be described as a feeling of heightened nervousness, and in its worst form it is a persistent feeling of imminent danger. In extreme cases of anxiety the sufferer usually feels dread and an inability to control ones surroundings which leads to negative thoughts about a situation.

The cause of anxiety is often known to the sufferer and can be attributed to a place, a person, a situation, or a memory, this is known as specific anxiety. This is the most common form of anxiety and is fairly easy to dig into the reasoning behind the anxiety and/or panic attacks. Sufferers of this particular form of anxiety are generally able to go about their life normally until they encounter the trigger.

Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks and Stress are the most common problems come to me with.

There is also generalised anxiety where the sufferer has a constant feeling of anxiety but the feelings fluctuate in intensity depending on the situation and environment. In this instance there may not be one single cause or trigger, which makes it hard for sufferers to seek help or understand their anxiety. Through a method of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy I am able to help you understand the root cause of your anxiety and ultimately free you from it.

Common Anxiety Symptoms & How to Manage Them

Most people experience anxiety at some point in their lives, and in fact, anxiety is a very normal and natural response to stressful situations. The following symptoms are common to anxiety disorders, both generalised and specific, and can be experienced by those experiencing isolated cases of anxiety.

It is not advised to use this list as a form of self-diagnosis, nor should you experience all of these symptoms to be classed as having an anxiety disorder. In all cases, if you suspect you may be suffering from anxiety, seeking your doctor’s medical opinion first to rule out any physical issues as the cause is the best option. Once you have confirmed it is an issue of the mind and emotional system then together we can set about resolving it.

Excessive Worrying

The most common symptom of anxiety is an excessive amount of worrying. For specific anxiety, it is common to experience worrying and panic many hours before experiencing a known trigger, and for generalised anxiety the worrying is a persistent feeling and can be difficult to control.

Feeling Agitated

During anxiety attacks the sympathetic nervous system can go into overdrive which produces a series of involuntary body changes. The pulse can start to increase, the body begins to sweat and shake, your breathing speeds up and you can experience a dry mouth.


More so with Generalised Anxiety, it is possible to feel an overwhelming sense of ongoing tiredness, lack of concentration, dizziness, breathlessness, and feeling faint. However, these symptoms are also common in short bursts with Specific Anxiety.

Irritability & Sleep Deprivation

Sleep problems are very common in people with anxiety disorders, which can have knock on effects into the day to day lifestyle of the sufferer. Often they will feel irritable and have overbearing sense of worry and panic looming over them.

Quick Anxiety Symptom Relief

The following video is intended only to help you get brief relief in the event you are suffering from an anxiety attack. It will not cure you of your anxiety, or completely resolve the feeling in the moment, but instead should be viewed as a way to help you gain some composure.

If you are looking for treatment and permanent relief from your anxiety, I would suggest getting in touch with me to arrange an initial consultation. We can briefly discuss your anxiety and explore the options for long term resolution.

Neil Drew Hypnotherapist Office

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

In my experience as a Harley Street Professional, I have helped many people to complete freedom of their anxiety disorders. This has taken place within the confines of my office, or via video call sessions if the sufferer cannot visit me.

The process of hypnotherapy, and often combinations with other therapies such as psychotherapy, helps to establish the origins and triggers for anxiety attacks. During the sessions we will begin to develop a complete understanding of what your mind and emotional system has been doing and why, this creates a re-evaluation to reach a point where you are able to live the life you’ve always wanted without feeling overwhelming anxiety.

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