I’m a full time GP partner working in general practice for over 15 years. I can honestly say that Neil is a transformative resource. He has great compassion and ability to empathise with everyone. Every patient I send to him report back saying that he has changed their lives and they are so grateful to have therapy with him. He is always professional in his conduct and provides a safe and confidential environment. He works with his colleagues effectively and is someone I trust implicitly. I continue to enjoy working with him and have learned such a lot from him. Neil is a wonderful therapist and I can’t recommend him highly enough.
Dr. BaldockDoctor
Also wanted you to get it from me first  Neil has completely changed my life. I have been contemplating writing this review for such a long time because when I first went to see Neil I hadn’t told anyone other than a doctor about my problems, not even a member of my family, who I am extremely close to. I was ashamed of myself for not being able to cope with day to day life and didn’t want anyone to ever know that I was struggling or think that I was weak. My biggest fear was that people would think I was ungrateful for the lovely life I have but the truth is even though i am happily married, have an amazing family and friends and love my job, my mind crippled me with anxious and depressive thoughts every single day. I was on and off beta blockers and Valium for almost 10 years. 2 years ago I couldn’t leave the house without taking an unhealthy amount of Valium and had hit rock bottom. I started sessions with Neil about 18 months ago, I only went out of desperation because I had no other option. I didn’t believe for a second that he could ever help me – I was SO wrong! Neil has transformed my life, he has supported and guided me through such a difficult time and since going to see him I haven’t touched any medicine. If you’re reading this and you’re struggling with mental health (I am so sorry you’re having to go through that) just remember that you’re not alone, you weren’t born like this, you can change it. Just don’t wait any longer, life is too short. My only regret is that I didn’t go and see him 10 years ago! Thank you Neil for being an amazing support, I will Be forever thankful that you helped me. You’re the best!
Will come and see you again. You’re a real true gent, sorted my head out amazingly
Hi Neil, just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did for me… you have changed my life for the better !!
I wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you again for all your help and support and to share some good news.About 2 years ago now I met a lovely chap called X, I finally managed to break off the destructive relationship I was in at the time of talking to you and then only a few weeks later my life started to change.We are getting married in March, have 2 lovely dogs and a live in a beautiful village near X. I couldn’t be happier.I’m still working in marketing but am studying counselling and hypnotherapy part time which is great.I hope 2018 brings you lots of happiness, what you do really does help to change lives and I hope that one day I can do the same for someone else. Warm regards.
An amazing resource for people and patients I know. I have referred many people to Neil over the years and I have seen how he can transform people’s lives. Everyone would benefit from seeing him even as a life coach if you have no burning issues. You can’t afford NOT to see him!
I was recommended to Neil by a family member due to my anxiety which was causing my relationship to fall apart. I went with an open mind not sure if this would really help but I was desperate to do anything to stop the panic attacks and constantly pushing the people I love away. When I first arrived, Neil was very welcoming and explained everything I needed to know and I felt so comfortable. It’s not easy to admit you have a problem so to find someone that doesn’t judge and really does want to help is a big thing. I am 2 and a half months into my therapy and I can honestly say I have never felt better. No more anxiety or panic attacks and my relationship is stronger than ever and I’m nearly at the finish line! I feel that I have dealt with all my issues that were obviously affecting me but I needed some help getting there. I can’t thank Neil enough for turning my life around and making me see things so positively. I would highly recommend Neil and if I know anyone that has similar issues, I will be sending them his way! Thank you Neil!
COPosted on my Facebook page
I am feeling really well at the moment I feel completely at peace with myself for the first time in years I’ve stopped the feelings of guilt and responsibility and am learning to let go of the worrying. This is due to having you to listen to my woes and your voice of reason. You have helped me so much and considering I didn’t like the idea of counselling, you have also changed my views on that too. I’m going to be fine and therefore feel I don’t need to come to any more sessions. That’s not to say I won’t need some in the future. But I just wanted to say thank you. Btw T is really well at the moment too.
Can’t thank you enough for all the help you done for me.
Dear Neil. Thank you so much for all of your help and thank you for the time you spent with me. You’ve improved my quality of life dramatically!
Neil you’ll never know how much you helped me – amazing! Lots left to shift but so far, close to two stone so I’m really happy. Have passed on your details to a few folk so hope they get to see you.
Dear Neil, I may still be a middle-aged, a wife, but thanks to you I’m no longer neurotic! Thank you very much for fixing me!
Dear Neil I am writing to say a big thank you for all your help with my mental preparation this year, it has made a huge difference. It was great to see you at the Dirt Bike Show. When we got back home X and I went to the Annual Dinner to pick up our respective Championship Trophies. As you know I have had to refocus my goals since breaking my legs and have been concentrating on my school work and managed to pass the entrance exam for X College. (one of the top 5 fee schools in the British Isles) I can’t thank you enough I could never have done this without your help.
A Child
Hi Neil. I am just writing to say a big thank you for spending a lot of your time with me and my negative problems. I would like to say that my negative problems are now all positives! I will keep in touch.
Just a note to say a big thank you for all your help this year. In the end I got a 4th in the sand racing championship and 6th in the motocross championship. I have been awarded a cup for being the best junior rider this year. Next year with your help I aim to win both championships!
Thank you so much for taking the time to sort me out! Thank you for your kindness and patience – they have made a huge difference to me.
To Neil. Thank you for teeching me how to be captian of ship with all the problems that I made in my own minde
A Child
I contacted Neil after along lay off from racing due to injuries, I was really struggling after with very aspect of racing. Since working with Neil, racing has been so much fun again, no anger, frustration and much better results. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, now I would highly recommend paying him a visit even if you think you’re good, trust me you can do better!
I feel I really need to write this letter to complete my recovery and just to give you a special thank you with your work you have done with me over the last 3 months my mum has just walked in and told me that you said some nice things about myself, this means a lot to me as I have a great respect for you and know that you see many people year in and year out for you to say this gives me great joy. Many people have seen the change in me already and I have had quite a lot of positive feedback from friends and family that say it’s great to have the old X back, and most importantly I FEEL the old X is back full of life and friendly banter. I just look back 3 months to a year and wondered where my life was going I really didn’t know myself and I had no direction or what I felt sometimes no purpose I really really didn’t know how ill I really was and how bad I actually was and God forbid where I would be now if I hadn’t seen you (I dread to think) The most important thing with all this is that I have found myself again and generally am really looking forward to living my life to the full and hopefully giving back something as well I know I will always have demons to fight sometimes but I feel I can direct these in a positive manner rather than going down the wrong road if you get my meaning I will always look back on our time together as very positive and healing and will always recommend yourself to anyone with problems. I wont go on too much but I can not put into words how to thank you put it this way if I was a rich man you would be too haha and you was worth every penny maybe our paths will meet in the future but hopefully for a drink down the pub as friends that would nice one day and if there is anything I can do for you one day let me know.
Just a quick email to say thank you for all the advice that you gave me last night. I’ll never forget what you said to me and you have helped me realise what the priorities are in my life. You should be so proud of what you do, as an hour talking with you has made me realise more than what anyone else has said in 17 years! I hope to see you soon and thank you again.
I just wanted to give you some feedback and let you know how successful our hypnotherapy sessions have been since I last saw you over two years ago. If you remember you helped me give up drinking. Well I am happy to say that I have literally not touched a drop of alcohol since our final session. I don’t even use champagne to toast the bride. I am teetotal and I NEVER thought I would ever be so proud of myself saying these words! I am now entering my third year of sobriety and life has been so much better without the alcohol in it. I just want to say a huge thank you for helping me. It has really changed my life for the better. And just to think that initially I was reluctant to go down the hypnotherapy route! If only I had come to you years before.
Hello Neil, I hope all is well with you. Last year I came to you with debilitating anxiety which prevented me from doing so many things. I couldn’t go on holiday, had problems driving, wouldn’t go on tubes, escalators or treadmills and sometimes even just being out of the house would make me panicky and tense. In short, it was controlling my life and I was a very very unhappy person despite having so much to live for and so much ahead of me. I had about 6 sessions with you before I had that Eureka moment and wanted to tell you how well I am doing! I now live in London where I regularly travel by tube and haven’t had an inking of a panic attack. I have been skiing, spend a weekend in Barcelona and managed a return flight to Edinburgh with no Diazepam at all. I am off to Malta next week and Italy in a couple of weeks after that and am so glad that I am now able to see the world. My relationships with my family, friends and boyfriend have also massively improved and I feel that they can relax a lot more around me and see me without the anxiety has been a massive weight off their shoulders too. I’m so proud of myself and I wanted to thank you for playing a massive part in this. Thanks again for all your help.
Back in January I had an emergency appointment as I could not breathe properly, had pains everywhere including my chest which made me very concerned and I would consider my mental state at the time to be “scrambled” or “helter skelter”, I was diagnosed with anxiety and recommended the services of Neil. When I first saw Neil he asked what I wanted to achieve, I said I wanted to learn how I can cope with anxiety. He said he was not going to help me cope with it but that he was going to help me get rid of it. I was quite a complex case, Neil said that in some ways the most complex he has worked with but through Neil’s techniques that attack and kill the root of the problems not just numb or cut back the issues, I am now writing this letter looking at the world in a completely different light, rude or aggressive people who previously would have caused me anxious or emotional reactions I now go “He/she is messed up, I wonder why they behaved like that and what caused it” What I don’t do is take it personally unless justified because I have addressed 1) where the problems come from in my formative years and where I have mentally mis-processed some of my emotions 2) example in later and current life where I have displayed examples of these disassociations 3)reset my emotive behaviours. What is more amazing about Neil’s expertise and techniques is that he steers but you drive and I am the one who did the driving – no pills, no lectures, no notes, no studying. In summary with Neil’s help not only have I actually beat anxiety or should I say over-anxiety but I know where I went wrong, what I did to rectify it and have total faith that I can carry on with the rest of my life not worrying about boiling over emotionally again. What is more amazing and satisfying is that knowing that everyone holds some emotional baggage and that I have cleared out most of mine out that I now sit on the train listening to conversations and looking around thinking I used to be one of the most misadjusted people here and now I am probably the opposite – LOL! What I would say to anyone who reads this letter who is suffering from something similar to me but is concerned about the cost. A lot of NHS techniques will probably be “surface level” solutions and taking stinging nettles as an analogy you will probably be cutting the nettle back but it will grow back and you will need to constantly keep cutting, but Neil’s techniques get to the root of the problem and kill it for good. So Yes, the cost of Neil’s consultancy would have bought you a week or 2 week holiday and you wold feel good, forget some of your problems on that holiday whilst you are there but they return when you come back… So think about this “How about missing one holiday and then having a lifetime of holidays, and feeling great and in control..ALL OF THE TIME” The fact that someone with Neil’s talents is where it is I find totally amazing and extremely fortunate and I thank you for setting this up.
It is with a great deal of gratitude that I write to inform you that my course of therapy was successful in dealing with what was a chronic case of insomnia, from which I suffered for almost 20 years. I embarked on the process with a degree of scepticism but felt I had nothing to lose giving it a try, as many other therapies/remedies had failed before. In addition to insomnia I also suffered from an unusual level of shyness for my age , that was severely impacting my quality of life. Neil was very clear about how the therapy would progress and as the weeks passed I gradually noticed the tension I felt in certain social settings subsiding. However, the matter of greatest concern, my sleeping disorder remained stubbornly unresolved. Neil encouraged me to see it through to the end as I was becoming a bit despondent. Towards the end of my therapy I experienced the odd night of reasonable quality sleep but that was it. However, about two weeks before my therapy was scheduled to end, it just suddenly happened and I was sleeping the way I slept as a child, with the odd night of restlessness. I still wasn’t convinced so two months after the conclusion of my therapy I can confirm that I know experience great quality of sleep for as many months and would like to say thanks for referring me for treatment. I feel like at 43, I have been given a new lease of life and I’ve seen a great improvement in the anxieties I felt in social settings but most importantly I now experience great quality of sleep. Thank very much again
When I first came to Neil I suffered with anxiety about going out with friends and changes in my life. It was stopping me from getting on with my life and affecting me in being happy. During the sessions I learnt a lot about myself and why I was feeling that way. As the sessions went along I learnt to trust myself and know that whatever the problem was I would find it. I know sometimes it can be hard to find the confidence to trust yourself to know that you will find the answer but you will. Don’t underestimate how strong you are as a person because it will surprise you how strong you can become. To get the best out of the experience you have to just let yourself relax and be positive. You may feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel but there is and you can get there. Neil is very good at what he does and is a lovely trustworthy person who will make you feel at ease. He has helped so many people work through their problems and really is the best at what he does. After my time with Neil I felt more confident and able to do things that before I wouldn’t have been able to do without feeling stressed or worried. Since then I have passed my driving test, got a part time job, started a new college course and often meet up with different groups of friends for lunch, drinks and nights out. But most importantly I have fun now and enjoy myself and the company of my friends. There will be times in my life when I will feel a bit stressed or am worried but that is normal and Neil taught me that it is about learning when it is normal to feel nervous and not to let it stop me from doing anything that I want to do. The person I became after wasn’t a different person just more confident and happy person with a more positive outlook on life and I intend to live life now and enjoy it.
Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for yesterday and the whole course. I feel amazing still!! I will definitely be back for those relaxation sessions if that’s okay! Thank you again and take care
There is so much I could write but Neil totally helped me get over a bad time in my life feel on top of the world now thank you Neil.
I wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you. It may be your job and you may be paid to do what you do but outside a physicians I can’t imagine a career which has a bigger impact on a person’s quality of lie than what you do. Over the last year I have come a long way; I have started my own business and have achieved more than I thought would be possible at the time. I’m looking to travel more over the next 6 months and hopefully put a nail in that coffin too. Should I struggle, I may book in with your for a refresher course but that isn’t the motivation behind this email. As I said, I just wanted to say thank you as it occurred to me that there’s a little irony in the fact that the better you are at your job, the less likely you are to see that person again and not to be thanked!
I thought you might be interested to know that over the last month I have made some good progress. I really enjoyed my brother’s wedding. I booked a trip to New York for 3 days, flew out on my own and had the most amazing time. I finished things with B and have a new housemate. I have applied for some jobs in New York and in London with the view to whatever happens, I plan to live in the moment and not limit myself. I have grown in confidence and the fear that I used to feel about being on my own has finally subsided. I realise now that although I loved New York, it was the freedom to do exactly what I pleased that made me so happy. Moving away therefore might not be the answer it’s just learning that it is okay to do it alone. It would be lovely to meet someone eventually but hopefully now I will be in a better place to find someone that is right for me. Before B and I broke up we had booked a trip to Paris this weekend. B told me today that he got on the plane (first flight in 10 years) this morning and has arrived. So a massive step for him too. Thank you again, what you do really changes lives!
I wanted to say big thank you for helping A. His wife is a really good friend of mine and it is great to see them back together and rebuilding their lives. I am doing well lost 3 stone now and going exercise for the first time in ages. I feel so much better. Thanks for your help not just for me.
know I put a long post up on here once I had finished my sessions but I Would like to thank Neil Drew, for all help he gave me and our eldest. 2 years ago I was recommended to go to see Neil with our son who had lost a close friend and he helped him deal with that, I then went on to see him to help me clear my head. Neil also helped our daughter not worry about exams. I have been able to move on in my life so much easier and life is so much better now. Amazing how you think you have managed things all your life, but really you have just pushed it to one side and carried on, not ideal. I have recommended People to Neil for so many things, and I will continue too. Everyone should see someone like Neil a few times in there life. 🙂
I went to see Neil as I was suffering from debilitating anxiety/panic attacks that were consuming my life to the point where I no longer felt doing day to day tasks and it was beginning to affect my family life, I booked in with Neil having no real expectations and thinking that this was just the way my life would be and that I would forever be peeling my eyes open and having that awful feeling of dread all the time. I worried that I would be sat in a cold clinic room with nothing to say but I couldn’t have been further from the truth from the start Neil made me feel so comfortable and I felt like I could tell him absolutely anything. I won’t lie there were some weeks where I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere but I persevered and finally feel very happy for the first time in a very very long time, I feel strong and confident and feel like I now have the tools to help those around me if ever they needed advice on anxiety. Please don’t think that you’re wasting your money and that he will make you trawl through your childhood looking for something that’s not there because that’s truly not the case. I would recommend Neil a thousand times over.
Not sure where to start with defining such an incredible, astounding art of work, help, guidance, learning and experience of true psychology. Having gone to see Neil, a true Healer, for a period of my life is a time I will never forget and I am strongly and truly confident that from what I have learnt, analysed and solved will set me up for up-coming experiences, influences and situations for the rest of my life. Overwhelmed by the things I have learnt, I can only feel to admit it is almost the closest meaning as to why humans are the way they are and why they behave they way in which we do. Never have I thought such a service existed. And I can proudly say my life has changed for the better. Will always, always recommend Neil’s work to a family, friend and or stranger and it’s definitely a service of which you’ll be glad you discovered. Thank you.
I couldn’t recommend Neil more. I heard about him through a friend of mine , I had tried a couple of different types of therapies before seeing Neil , I was suffering from really bad anxiety which had built up over the years but come more apparent after loosing my mum and going through a hard marriage and divorce. The minute I met Neil I felt at ease, he made me feel comfortable straight away. I was suffering from a fear of passing out which I now no wasn’t actually a fear but a build up of many things that had happened over a course of time in my life to cause this fear which I had developed. It’s such an amazing experience and a real learning curve , there were things from my past that I hadn’t even known existed in my mind , some small some big but they were buried deep in my subconscious mind and all of those little things over the years linked to the emotions I was feeling when i went to Neil. What we don’t know is that there’s so much in our subconscious minds that none of us are even aware of that exist and create us to be who we are today , those things build up and up and before you know it you start suffering with the emotions that cause anxiety or depression or fears but those emotions arnt actually real, they are a result of past experiences . Without the help and support of Neil I would never had know any of what I do now. He has a soft gentle approach and not once did I feel uncomfortable to express what I was discovering in my mind. This experience is not only made me stronger but has actually changed the way I look at things and others today in such a positive understanding way. It’s hard to explain until you’ve experienced therapy with him but once you have , you won’t look back. He is always there and will always make time for you.