Many people suffer with stress without being aware of it. They may be aware of feelings of being overwhelmed and feeling as if they aren’t living in the “here and now”. They are not relaxed, centred, productive or healthy.

Symptoms of Stress

There is no definitive set of symptoms for stress, however, there are some indicators.

It is likely that you will know that you are feeling stressed and mostly, it is obvious why. Sometimes though, a sufferer may be experiencing stress and not necessarily know why.

The most typical signs of stress are:

  • feelings of being overwhelmed, like you are living in a fog
  • poor sleep
  • feeling as if you have lost complete control of everything
  • headaches
  • high blood pressure
  • lack of concentration
  • low libido
  • mood swings
  • over reacting to others and situations
  • indecisiveness
  • constant negativity
  • apathy

You could also be distracting yourself with mindless pastimes, like games or watching television excessively to avoid facing things that need to be done.

Stress can also affect the physical body in lots of different ways. It isn’t purely confined to the typical examples that I give here. You could experience a racing heart, hot flushes, immune deficiencies and shaking or any number of other things. Stress could contribute to irritable bowel, gallstones, poor sex drive and more.

It can also lead to abnormal, unproductive and unhealthy behaviours, such as:

  • drinking too much alcohol
  • overeating
  • smoking more
  • gambling
  • and other kinds of risk-taking

Why We Experience Stress

The brain can only deal with a set amount of information at any given moment in time.

In our modern lives, we are bombarded with information and responsibilities, and all of this is on top of our daily routines and duties. Then we have our everyday worries and concerns, our careers, work pressures, deadlines, managing our time, paying bills, keeping in touch with people, our homes, unexpected problems that we encounter, and so on.

When our brain and/or emotions reach the point where it has too much to deal with, it cannot cope. At this point our brain will do any number of different things – every individual will react to stress in their own unique way.

  • You might try to push through, tackle everything and end up getting nothing finished or make lots of mistakes along the way, further adding mental and emotional pressure.
  • You might become run down and depressed and end up lethargic and feeling like you have shut down.
  • You might just bury your head in the sand, as if your responsibilities don’t exist.
  • You might start making excuses and avoiding lots of different things.

The mind goes into the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ mode for survival.

Often we can have a great private life, but a work environment that is stressful – or vice versa. When one is affected to the point at which the person is beginning to suffer with stress, then it will also start affecting the other areas of life too. This creates further stress and exaggerates the original cause of stress. In turn, this creates an ever increasing problem until all areas of life are sources of stress.

How We Fix Stress

On Your Own?

It is very difficult for a person to combat stress on their own – or even with the help of colleagues, friends or loved ones. This is simply because these significant others have or will somehow be a part of the stress. They may have some other personal reason for the stress to be gone, because it will be affecting them too. For this reason, advice and assistance from people who are close, can very often be biased and not in your best interests at all.

Stress Management with a Trained Professional

I will combine a number of therapies and my vast experience in this area to give you fast relief from your stress. I will help you make sense of things and regain perspective so that you can again regain control.

We will start with a conversation. I will listen and work to fully understand you and your stress. I will then use the most appropriate steps and agree a plan where you will achieve clarity and understanding. We’ll find a way forward that allows you to regain control. Once you are back in control, you will feel relief from stress. We can then work out a support plan if required.

Your solution will be tailored to your unique requirements and circumstances. This often includes weekly one hour sessions until you have reached the desired goal.

Why I can help you

Over the many years I have helped countless numbers of individuals with stress, city professionals with highly pressured careers, people working their way up the corporate ladder, sports people of which I have most likely helped more to reach world champions and national champions than anyone else in my field, company directors and managers and so on, the list is endless and from all over the world.

You can be assured that whatever your stress factors, whatever country you are from, you can have confidential non judgemental assistance.

What to do next

If you are feeling stressed and it has become so much that you are not coping, all you need to do is phone me, Neil Drew, on 07879 282526. You can speak to me directly and arrange an initial consultation either in person or via other forms of communication, all you will need is your diary.