How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Depression?

Most people aren’t aware that they may have depression; they experience a low mood and a gradual withdrawal along with negative emotional reactions to people who they are close to or work with until eventually they seek a diagnosis for their mental state. Most people go straight to their doctors to receive a diagnosis and nearly all will be prescribed with medication, counselling or CBT. Whilst medication will help relieve symptoms and the negative emotions, counselling will allow you the opportunity to understand the issue and develop better thought patterns.

Hypnotherapy, however, gets behind the conscious thinking. If you could solve your depression by thinking your way out of it consciously, then you would have done so by yourself. The problem is that the causes of depression and the negative emotional reactions along with the unproductive thinking patterns are at a deeper level in the mind. Hypnotherapy helps to establish the origins and true causes of depression. Then by combining hypnotherapy and psychotherapy we can then help to resolve the underlying issues that create the depression.

Generally a person suffering with depression will have a strong negative opinion of themselves and of their value to themselves or others, this too is something which we are able to resolve, paving the way for increased confidence which as a rule of thumb is always damaged or impaired when someone is suffering with depression.

Common Symptoms of Depression

Depression is something that generally creeps up on you, it builds until either you or someone close to you recognises how much you have changed, by the time you finally recognise hat you are no longer yourself, the depression is usually well established.

  • Low Mood
  • Impaired Concentration
  • Loss of Motivation
  • Irritability
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Lack of Energy
  • Feeling Helpless
  • Avoidance and Lack of Commitment
  • Apathetic

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

For almost two decades I have been using a specialised field of hypnotherapy to get to the bottom of and uncover the causes of depression in any individual. It isn’t the events of our lives that causes us our damage, those perceptions take place at an unconscious level, in other words, beyond our conscious awareness.

Each individual cause of depression, perceptions of self, negative thinking patterns, and all other negative aspects of developing depression are completely unique to them, as yours will be to you. Due to this, each person’s therapy will be unique, by combining one or more forms of therapy and using hypnotherapy as the foundation I can help you to uncover the unconscious causes and resolve your depression.

To date I have accumulated some 30,000 hours of experience using these combined forms of therapy which has hypnotherapy at the centre of your therapy. My vats range of qualifications and years of experience ensure you that you are in good hands.

On average it can take anywhere between 4 to 9 sessions to completely clear your depression, each person’s case is unique, and it isn’t possible to determine in advance exactly how many sessions you will need. It depends on the complexity of each case, the participation and willingness of the client to engage with me and explore their minds.

You journey to recovery starts with a phone call where we can discuss in confidence your issues and book an initial consultation. Feel free to call me on my landline or mobile and leave me a message if I cannot get to my phone. I am often with a patient and in the interest of gaining your trust, I only want you to speak with me directly – never a third party.